About us

When it comes to your child’s future, Prestige Education takes your child’s education and development seriously. We believe accurate advice on schools combined with on-going professional support during education can ensure a healthy and joyful education experience, and more importantly, to stimulate interest and motivate for all-round academic and social excellence with a positive attitude, to become a successful individual with confidence and independence.

Our mission

Our mission

We want every students to flourish, find their interest and fulfill their career aspiration. This is what we take pride on and we want to facilitate students to reach their success.
We are here to help parents to make choices when decided to send their children to study abroad,as this is a very important and life changing decision for their children. We greatly believe a well-planned and joyful childhoodhas the foremost important influence on the student’s future.

Our unique context

It is very easy for the student to feel under supported when studying abroad. This is why our service are here to provide every kind of assistance that a student might need, from advising a suitable school for the student, to settling the student down with a caring guardianship.
Parent’s peace of mind is something that we also care about, this is why our services are supported with multiple languages to ensure efficient communication. Professionalism, responsibility and independence, this is how we build our relationship with our clients and schools.

Studying in the UK

Location of the World’s Most famous university

Educational standards in the UK are incredibly high, qualifications are well recognized, valued and respected internationally. Here is where the worlds’ most famous and top universities located, such as Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Imperial Collage and many more.

Rich in history and culture

The UK’s history date back thousands of years and with many museums and historical buildings to record their western culture. The UK is the perfect place to inspire students and given them the opportunities to explore and discover where their interest lay.

Safe Country

There are strict controls on dangerous items and have a heavy surveillance system to protect the residence and visitors. Natural disaster like earthquakes, hurricanes are extremely rare. These makes the UK a naturally safe country.
British schools always put students safety first, all follows strict rules on health and safety.

Multi-cultural society

UK is always use as an example of westernize culture, and London has often been refer as the World Culture Capital. We believe children being brought up in such environment would enable them to have the ability to adopt in different country since they are used to the diversify cultures.