About the service

Prestige Education provides an independent and unbiased advisory service for your child’s academic path. We want to ensure the parents and children are fully informed to make a confident decision regarding school selection.

We understand the differences between individuals, that’s why a tailor-made solution is so important to help the child to find their passion and hobbies during his or her academic journey and more importantly, to perform to his fullest potential, pursue his career aspiration and work towards success.

Service procedure

1. Initial consultation

A first meeting with the parents and child about background and academic objectives.

2. Assessment

Depending on the child’s age and ability, we will provide a suitable assessment to assess his aptitude, personality and other important factors which may affect his academics and this will allow us to better understand your child’s needs and potential.

3. School selection

Based on the result of the assessments, your consultant will create a shortlist of suitable schools for the child, and will have a detailed discussion with the parents regarding school selection.

4. School visit

Based on the child and parents’ preference, school visits will be arranged to the selected schools and will accompanied by us.

5. Preparation

Prepare the student for school entrance exams and provision of practice interviews

6. Application

We will ensure all necessary documentation are submitted to the selected schools at the appropriate time.