What is guardianship?

Prestige Education understands the toughness when it comes to making the decision of whether to study abroad. Our guardianship is to help your child with this life-changing transition, to help them to settle down to the life in the UK. Safety, happiness and health of your child are our guardian’s priorities at all times.
Mostschools in the UK usually require students to have a legal guardian, this is essential for your child’s safety and wellbeing. Our guardians are highly approachable and friendly which you and your child can comfortably rely on, they can be reached at any time.
Our guardianship service is here to support your child if they encounter any problems or have any special needs. We aim to make studying abroad is like studying at home for your child.

Our service includes

Guardianship service roles and responsibilities:

Arrange transportations and accommodation representatives of the parentsSupport and monitor students’ daily issuesRegular communication with parents Deal with any emergency or accident

Before departure

The details of your child’s guardian will be provided to parents

After arrival

Guardian will be meeting your child at the airport, settle him/herto the school and boarding house24 hours stand by incase of any emergenciespocket money arrangement

During the semester

Acting as a representative of the parents24-hour emergency supportProduce regular reports of the child for parents

During the holidays

Make travel and accommodation arrangementsArrange learning programArrange entertainment and cultural programs

End of term

Arrange transportationRefund all the leftover money with record If child is staying, will arrange accommodation and activities