About the service

Prestige Education’s tutoring service is committed to provide a reliable, professional and high quality experience for all students. Our service is to promote students of different ages to reach their potential and to develop their enthusiasm, motivations and passions toward their studies. We understand students are of different abilities and needs, we play close attention to each individual student, provide them with tailored teaching methods.Most importantly, we will help students to adapt to their new learning environments, provide a wide variety of programs to cater for different learning stages. Prestige Education ensures every student experience a caring and professional tutoring service.

Our service includes

Choose Your Tutor

We haveprofessional and experienced tutors who are confident to assist student to reach their potential with a tailored and private tuition process.

Residential tutoring

Residential tutoring where tutor can stay with the family. We want the student to have more activities and interaction with the tutor, and learn from the living environment.

Online tutoring

Online tutoring has becoming more popular, it is especially helpful for international and boarding school students, which it can still effectively help and support the student.

Flexible lesson hours

Based on the timetable of the student, teacher can flexibly adjust the timing of the classes. Especially during holidays, student can adjust the lesson time or to add extra classes when necessary.